Give In

by Gabriele Morgan

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Another deeply rewarding listen from this articulate and lyrically poetic sender of truth's arrows into the 3rd eye of the heart.
Her songs are artfully crafted and compellingly arranged to maximize the message and emotion of the stories she tells.

"He pulls the wings from love's butterflies" goes a line in Give In, which aptly tells a wry tale of attraction and eyes-wide-open descent into a web of engagement with a sweet talking charmer and the self-questioning along the way. As always, when the finger is pointed in Gabriele's songs it is most often pointed at the teller of the story herself and demands she come clean to the mirror.

Give In is smart smooth emotional pop seductively sung rhythmically grooving and richly arranged.


Give In

It’s only surrender it isn’t defeat
I’m clear on the exit and I will retreat
And if he weaves me a dream I’ll know
It’s a fever based on shadows and steam for show

And if I give in If I give him
What he will not return
If I give in can I live in
His illusion and learn

He pulls the wings from love’s butterflies
He shivers all strings off he severs all ties
Then he returns with his worn hither come
To the girl he always burns cause he knows she’ll succumb

If I give in it’s a given
I’ll get more of the same
Pretty ribbon glitter driven
Smoke and mirrors again

I will give in I will give him
What he doesn’t deserve
This collision indecision
Will condemn him to swerve

Everyone’s attracted to the light
But the name of the game
Is knowing when heat alone is worth it
For the flight into the flame

And I will give in and forgive him
And re-enter the fray
We will live in intermission
Never finish the play

All I give him is a vision
There is nothing to say
It is given unconditioned
Truth just gets in the way


released July 25, 2016
Gabriele Morgan - Vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums
Gar Robertson - Bass



all rights reserved


Gabriele Morgan Los Angeles, California

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